Just in case you were wondering who I am and what I'm like, here are 10 random facts (in no particular order):
1. I love period dramas and like to watch them while I sew.  Since I've seen most of them multiple times, I don't have to watch them.  I just like listening to them.  I've tried books on tape, but it just isn't the same.

2. My favorite colors are green and yellow, but I never wear them because I don't look good in those colors.  They make me look sick.  I really wanted to use them as my wedding colors, but didn't know how to make it work.  I went with navy blue, a color I do look good in and daisies, my favorite flower which allowed me to have some green and yellow.

3. I think I'm a modern day renaissance woman.  I like to dapple in many things, but have not truly conquered one thing yet.

4. My dream job would be to be a photographer for National Geographic.  I would love to be paid to travel the world taking pictures of beautiful or interesting things.

5. I love to read!  I could happily spend my day sewing and reading and doing nothing else.  However, there is something called family...and dinner...and sleeping...those extra things that get in the way:)

6. I speak German and love all things German.  I was an exchange student in high school for a whole year in Hamburg, Germany and loved it.  I met my husband in a German class in college (he speaks German too).  We've tried many times to get back to Germany, but they never seem to work out.  We did make it to Vienna, Austria though and had fun speaking in German together.

7. I'm mother to 2 boys and 2 girls.  If asked which do I prefer, girls or boys, I would have a hard time answering that one.  They are each fun in their own way.  As to my favorite/ least favorite ages, I do have an answer for that one.  I enjoy most ages, but love the ages from about 3-6...they are just so much fun as they learn more and more.  My least favorite is 10-12...ugh, there is too much to list about why I don't like that age. Which is funny, because when I taught I enjoyed middle school age the best.  Of course, I taught German so the kids were there because they wanted to be there, no one was forcing them to take the class, and that made it a lot of fun.

8. I hated sewing when I was younger.  My mom made me do it for 4-H and I detested it.  Most of that had to do with the fact that I never felt I could get things perfect.  Boy, have I gotten over that.

9. I am a very eclectic person when it comes to tastes and dreams.  Buy a farm in the middle of nowhere and live off the land or pick up and move to some European city...I could easily do either and be completely happy.  Clean, modern lines and styles or a comfy patchwork quilt and a quirky family heirloom...give me either one or both at the same time.

10. I create because I think there is a need for each of us to create.  It is my way of making my little world a better place.

To find out more about me check out this post from when I was nominated for the "Liebster Award"

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