Sowing While You Sew

Daisy Chain Creations

List of posts that relate to this endeavor:

--Week 1--Wall Art
              --Printable Instructions
              --Questions about Week 1
              --Week 1--Finished Project

--Week 2--Straight stitch pillow cover 
             --Printable Instructions
                 --Week 2--Finished Project

--Week 3--Toothbrush/Overnight Roll 
              --Printable Instructions
              --Week 3--Finished Project

--Week 4--Pillow Cases (skills--making a casing and finishing seams), for charity
              --Guest Post--Gina from Party of Eight Our Story
              --Week 4 and Finished Product
              --Printable Instructions

--Week 5--Round bean bags/rice warmers (skills--curved stitching, turning things and whip stitching a hole)
              --Week 5 and Finished Product
              --Printable Instructions

--Week 6--Quilt piecing/blankets--for charity
              --Guest Post--Elizabeth from Simple Simon & Company
              --Comfort--Why blankets and quilts?
              --Guest Post--Justine from Sew Country Chick
--Week 7--Reversible aprons (skills--turning things, adding things like pockets and ties)
              --Printable Instructions

--Week 8--Gathered Skirts (skills--casing with elastic, hemming), for charity
              --Guest Post--Shannon from Little Kids Grow
              --Skirt ideas

--Week 9--Cinch type backpack (skills--open ended casing, button holes, maybe applique)
              --Guest Post--Rachel from Nest Full of Eggs

--Week 10--Fleece Hats (skills--applying measurements to patterns, working with different types of fabric)
               --Guest Post--Marnae from The Powell Family

--Week 11--A regular tote bag/Walker caddy/bicycle tote (skills--adding things like velcro)       for charity
                  --Guest Post--Stacy from The Land of KA

--Week 12--zippered pencil case/make-up pouch (skills--putting in a zipper)
               --Guest Post--Catherine from Cathgrace


  1. This series looks children are too young yet, but I hope they want to learn to sew and I can instill a love of it in them. The name made me check you out - my blog & business is sew n sow!

  2. I'm just starting to teach my six year old on a machine! He's loving it and doing great, these are some great ideas!



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