Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some new creations

This has been a fun project. I really wanted sweater dresses for the girls this year, but A) didn't find any I really liked and B) couldn't afford the ones anyway, so I got this idea of buying a big sweater at Goodwill/Salvation Army, felting it (throw it in the washing machine), and having it come out to be the perfect size for Sophia with some minor snips here and there. Didn't quite work out that way. So from a beautiful (if it hadn't had a couple of moth eaten holes in it I never would have done this to it) Pendelton wool sweater, came this creation for Clara. I took one of her jumpers and used it as a pattern. The only sewing was up the side seams. Since it's felted no need to do anything but snip for button holes. I did reinforce the beautiful, blue, vintage buttons (from my mom's stash) with some white felt, but wish I had used scraps from the sweater. For a nice finishing touch, I blanket stitched around the neck/arm holes. I was really happy with the finished product and really sad that winter is over and she can't wear it anymore.

Another baby gift I've been doing, personalized onesies made with the freezer paper stencil technique taught to me by this lovely lady. (Don't hate me Val, for using this link:) The kids have had fun coming up with the picture to be put in the middle. It's always something that starts with the same letter as the name. Get it?
I'm into knitting now. It's my therapy and it's productive at the same time. All the kids are getting hats as well as many babies. Here's the pattern I used for the boys hats. Here's Ethan modeling his. I loved the decrease in this one and I think I will use this one a lot.

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