Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flower Fairy Skirt and Crown

I love creating something new without a pattern. A lovely idea floating in my head that worked out just right (for every one of these, there are probably 10 that either don't make it out of the floating stage or that don't work out just right).

This idea was for a birthday present for a lovely little 'Mia'. I had saved the fabric scraps from many dress-ups that I've made, one day hoping to make a crazy quilt, but then decided on this idea: A skirt made out of 'petals' with a couple of leaves and then I added ribbons and some silk flowers tied to the end. I thought it turned out quite lovely. I was determined to use just what I had (including using up all of the random pink thread I had--there are 3 different colors included) and only ended up having to buy a spool of pink ribbon. I just didn't have any to match.

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