Sunday, July 12, 2009

Work in Progress

First up, a quilt for Sophia and a crib skirt for Clara. Now that they have their own 'Girl's room' it needs some fixing up. These squares are going to be turned into a pinwheel quilt with white in between and some kind of colorful border and a colorful back. For the skirt, I'm just taking 10 inch strips of colorful fabric of random widths and sewing them together, gathering them and then sewing them on to a crib sheet cut to fit the size of the crib. A lot of the fabrics will be the same in the quilt of Sophia's and some are just scraps I have laying around. I think it will really brighten up their room.


  1. That is going to be a very fun quilt. I like the idea of using the crib sheet as the base for a crib skirt. Awesome.

  2. Such a delicious spread of scraps. I really ought to start sewing again...



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