Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas PJs

Clara in her Christmas pjs. She got a longish shirt/short night gown and pants.
These are not the greatest pictures and I really should have taken some while they were wearing them. The one of Clara is the best I've got. These were my 'really alter the pattern and make up the pants pattern' pajamas and they turned out really cute. I found the fabric at House of Fabric in Nashville one of the times they were having their 75% off remnants sale. It's this great cotton/lycra mix which meant really fun ruffles on the edges (no hems, just stretch and zigzag!). Their dolls also got a night gown. For those of you with Magic Cabin dolls and who still use the clothes patterns that came with it, if you use the stretchy fabric you don't have to leave the back open. It made it rather easy, no hems and just one casing for the neck elastic.
Sophia just got a nightgown and boys just got pajama pants. This year I said I would probably just buy them (cost wise it's about the same since I try to get the softer flannel), but they really wanted me to make them, so here they are.

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  1. I do love how those came out & am glad they came w/ a Clara photo because they are VERY sweet on. I bought this year. Much skipping of sewing, I'm afraid.



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