Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Rose by any other Name...

Lily, Rose (Ellie the Elephant) and Violet
--and cute Clara in the backround pushing the stroller much too close to me for me to get her in the shot
I said there was a story behind the flower names, so I thought I'd post this cute picture of all 3 dolls and tell the story. Way back when I was pregnant with Sophia, just after we found out we were having a girl, we started the name game of trying to agree on a name. Phil and I have always had much different opinions on girls names. Just to give you an idea, it came down to either Sophia or Melia (taken from the name Amelia). Two really different sounding names. Anyway. On the weekend days that Jakob woke up early (which is every day), we would have him crawl into bed with us and sometimes we would have him come up with names for his little sister. I remember that some were crazy ones taken from characters in books and his imagination, but the one that got the best laugh was when he suggested the name "Rose". Not a bad sounding name, until you put it with our last name and say it fast. It starts to sound like rose bud and images of 'Citizen Kane' flood my head. When Jakob suggested it, the first thing we did was say it together with our last name and then we started laughing and couldn't stop. I just remember how good it felt to have a good, long, belly laugh. And of course I could never think of using that name without getting a case of the giggles, so we never seriously considered it, but Jakob was set on it for a long time...really until we told him we settled on Sophia 2 days after she was born.
Fast forward 1 1/2 years, Sophia was getting her first Magic Cabin doll for Christmas and Jakob again said that we should use the name 'Rose', after all, she had red hair. So Rose it was and then she went back and named her yellow haired doll 'Daisy' (she's not in the picture and is the only non-Magic Cabin doll she has). When she got her dark haired doll, she picked the name Violet (our yard was always full of those in Spring time and Sophia loved to pick them). When it came time to name Clara's doll of course we had to come up with a flower name and we already have a name picked out for her second doll that will come in a year or two. So that's the story of the flower names. I also have to say that I'm so glad I have been picky about the gathering of dolls. Sophia has her 3 dolls all hand made and loves them very much. She still cuddles with them at night, dresses them up and pretend plays with them. Clara is already doing the same and I'm going to try my best to limit her dolls to the ones I've made for her.


  1. I was so going to name my last baby Violet.

    Except then he was a boy.

    And Nathan was not too keen on "Violet Goates" (purple goat)

    Though he was DRIVEN for Wilde Goates, so what was the problem?

    Marian is going to name her daughter Violet for me.

    I love it so.

  2. Buttercup is a good flower name for the doll line up. The next one I'm making is going to be dark skin/dark hair and all have agreed that Zinnia would make a good name. Baby Zin has a fun ring to it. I love how Marian is obliging you by using the name. Ethan wants to do it with the boys name I wanted to use: Phinias.

  3. You doll turned out so nicely. I love those dolls.



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