Monday, January 10, 2011

Sibling Gifts--Round 1

Ethan wasn't too happy to be getting his picture taken. He probably won't be too happy that I used this picture either, but hey, if he's going to be grumpy about it this is what he gets. Jakob made these shirts after seeing the idea here. I thought I was being smart by suggesting a bleach pen for the words. You can see the result, it still bleached out a lot more than we planned, so he went back with fabric dye and wrote out the letters. The first go of the girl's shirts didn't work either and we had to get new ones and start all over. He tried just using snowflakes cut out of paper and it still bled underneath the design. The second time he cut snowflakes out of freezer paper, we ironed it on and used the bleach pen again, this time dabbing it on the design. The girls were really excited about their shirts and Ethan thought his was really cool. It was fun to see Jakob think of each of their personalities and what they would like.


  1. Love the snowflake shirts. And Ethan! So sweet eve when grumpy.

  2. I have lots of photos like that of Audrey, my anti-mama girl :)

    the shirts are grand.



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