Monday, May 23, 2011

Easter Dress Number 1

So here is the fabric, some very pretty feed sack material with a defined border. I still can't believe how pretty some of these feed sacks are. Something so beautiful that is also practical.I just used a basic dress pattern and put the border at the top instead of at the bottom, as I tend to do with these kinds of fabrics. I did end up cutting off some of the pink and using that as a ruffle, because I wanted to make sure the flower border was closer to the top.
Here is the finished product on a not very willing model. I also made some fabric covered buttons for hair things, but she would not let me get a picture of those at all.
I really wanted the flower border to go all the way around the sleeves as well, but there just wasn't enough. Instead I took what was left of the really floral part and inset it into the sleeve. I've heard this method called window pane inserts, but I'm not sure if that is right. I just cut the sleeve in half and took a football shaped piece of the floral part that was the same length on the curve and put in in.

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