Monday, August 27, 2012

Accessories to Dance

Can I just say that I love being able to sew?  When I do something like these ballet skirts, I feel like I just did something very clever.  Why you ask?  Well we were out buying the ballet tights (learned the hard way to buy the real deal that you have to try really hard to get a run in) and a new leotard for each girl at a dance wears shop, since they have both grown and the girls both wanted skirts to go with the leotard.  After looking at the price tag of $28 for something similar to the pink and $35 to a black wrap around, I decided that I could easily make them (and as long as each girl promised to leave the dance store without throwing a fit or getting whiny for not getting what she wanted).  A trip to JoAnne's, $5 and an 1 1/2 later here are the results: 
 The pink one is simply a yard of fabric folded over not quite half way.  At the fold I made the casing for the elastic and then sewed on some roses and a bow.  Very simple.  I'm not quite sure what kind of fabric I used, just something sheer and flow-y from the fancy apparel fabric.  It was 50% off, so that was the clincher.  To finish the bottom of both skirts I simply did a tight but wide zigzag all the way around.

For the black skirt I gathered the waist a little so that the finished length was 1 1/2 of her waist measurement.  Then I just folded a ribbon over it that was long enough for the tie on each side as well and stitched from end to end, making sure the skirt waist was completely secured in the fold of the ribbon.
Pretty simple, not very time consuming and I got a good felt like I 'stuck it to the man' so to say by not spending a fortune on something so simple.

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