Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project Run and Play--Fashion Icon Week

This week is Fashion Icon Week over at Project Run and Play.  I interpreted 'fashion icon' as someone who creates fashion and is iconic.  We went with Ralph Lauren.  I've always loved the nautical look that he comes up with and you add the red, white and blue of Team USA's fashions he's created and I think you have something iconic.
Here are the original drawings that we came up with.  It was Sophia's idea to do Ralph Lauren, because there is a quote in her fashion drawing book.  He said "I don't design fashions, I design dreams."  That kind of sums up this round of PR&P for me because I'm working with her to make her ideas/dreams come to life.  I think I did pretty good sticking to the original inspirations.
Sophia's look is the original.
 I took a women's knit blue and white striped shirt and turned it into a cardigan.  I ruffled the entire outside edge just by using a zigzag stitch.  I like how it adds a little feminine to the look.  I also made the cardigan more boxy around the neck to mimic the boat neck shirts that you see in many nautical looking outfits.
 The skirt is a self drafted pattern.  I basically took her waist and hip measurement to come up with the top band.  There is an invisible zipper on the side and the waistband is double.  The pleats are 2 inch pleats and took 2 widths of the fabric (a bottom weight bought at JoAnne's) to go all the way around.  Gold sailor buttons finish the look.
 The shirt is from scrap fabric my mom tossed in a bag of stuff she was giving me.  It's just a simple pull over the head shirt with flutter (that's what my girl's call them--they are only half sleeves) sleeves that are ruffled with the zigzag stitch.
Clara was sad when she saw our drawings for this round of PR&P because there was only one thing for her (Holiday week when I'll do their Christmas outfits).  You see she really doesn't need any clothes.  She has more than she actually wears.  Well I felt bad because she has fun with the 'photo shoots' and since I was putting so much effort into this one, I decided I might as well get my monies worth, so to say, and make her something to wear.  Her outfit was completely from stuff I had so I didn't spend a single thing on it.
 The dress is really just the left over pieces.  I think these scraps were originally a skirt.  The hem was in place and there was the little lined opening, both of which I used again.  Sophia's shirt has the original hem and Clara's dress has the opening as a button closure in the back.
 The jacket is some blue and white striped seersucker that my mom also threw in the bag as well (she gives me a surprise grab bag of stuff she's cleaning out pretty much every time I go home).  Just a simple lined jacket with darts in the front and back.  Another self drafted pattern based on a shirt of hers.
 Can anyone guess what the nautical flags spell?  I'm impressed first if you are even reading this far into this epic post and second if you know.  The flags were fun to put together too.  I just googled 'nautical flags' to come up with what each letter looks like.  
 Like I said, we had fun with this session of pictures.  I've been wanting to use this white wall for pictures for awhile now and I liked how the pictures turned out. 

 I hope these girls always remain friends.  They are so much fun together.

 Once the jackets came off, they got a little sassy.  I made the head band/scarf things as well.  They are polka dots on one side and stripes on the other, just strips sewn together inside out, turned right side out and top stitched.

 Ahoy there!

 Being divas.
 The only thing that would have been better for this photo shoot would have been a marina or dock of some sort. Since we don't live anywhere near one, here's the only water that we could come up with.  A fountain in a ritzy neighborhood near our house.


  1. Great job on these outfits. I love how so much was made from what you already had. The flags are clever, too (I cheated and looked them up). Really cute photoshoot.

  2. you know me and Ralph Lauren...LOVE. Well done! So happy you chose him as an icon. Your outfits are darling!



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