Monday, October 29, 2012

Knock Offs and Sew Alongs

Elegance & Elephants

The very talented and PR&P finalist this season...absolutely loved her creations...Heidi over at Elegance and Elephants is hosting a series called 'Knock It Off' and asked me to participate.  We've been asked to pick something from a store, catalog, or the such and make it ourselves.  Just you wait to see what I have in store.  I went for high end, as in you can't believe they'd actually charge that much for something you could easily make.  I'll be sharing that in a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, Next Monday, I'll be over at Project Run and Play sharing my how-to on this adorable skirt I made up for Week 5.


  1. YAY! I can't wait to see what you make! I'm going high end, too, just to prove how it's possible to make something for way less! And looking forward to your PR&P post, too! :)

  2. That is awesome. I wonder if I could manage that skirt for Liz and baby.



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