Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cloth Fold Out Garage

We all have the list of things to get done before Christmas and it always feels good to check things off.  This was one of my big things, that I had to get done because they both need to be shipped out.  We don't live close to any family and since we aren't going anywhere this year, all family gifts have to shipped off, which means making sure to get them done a little earlier.  I had set the deadline of the 15th and will have the boxes in the mail by then...yeah, another thing to cross off.  After that it's all of the handmade crafting for just my kids: pjs, a barn, knitted leg warmers and personalized bags, oh and another wool coat.  I think that's all I have left, which is all do-able hopefully.  I was set back a little this week by a nasty cold, so hopefully, if I take care of myself I can get going full speed ahead.
So, now the details of this project.  It's based on this cloth house I saw a couple of years ago, but I changed it up a little too.  Let's just say there was a slight learning curve and when I make the aforementioned barn, I hope it's going to be easier.
Here's the layout.  I followed UK Lass's measurements, but wanted to have it all be one piece.  I also added the extra part so there would be a mat that folded out.
 Then I added the embellishments--first thing I learned is that I didn't get the edges right and will have to do better next time.  All of my things that were supposed to resting on the ground look like they are floating in air.
 Next I pieced the inside part.  It's kind of like a patch work quilt.
 Then I stopped remembering to take pictures, because it was all I could do to get out of bed to work on it and make dinner for my family.  I did not feel so hot for a couple of days.
What I did was add the stripes for the road and parking spots on the pieced together piece.  Then I sewed the pieces right sides together with 2 pieces of batting, turned it right side out and slid the plastic pieces in place.  All easier said than done.  I'm thinking UK Lass was on to something and you might want to follow her way. 
But all in all, I like how they turned out.
 All the writing was done with a sharpie.  Ran out of time to do anything better.
 The trees are the only thing that made it to ground level.
 My 'tires' were supposed to be resting on the ground.  Whoops.  One thing I did try to do, besides only using things from my stash, was to use different textures of fabric.  That way it's a little more sensory friendly too.
 I did go back and add a button and loop on to the middle of the peak of the roof.  I didn't like how it gaped open there.
 And here is my 'floating' gas tank.
 Look at the inside and then what it looks like just before you roll it up.  I put 2 sets of snaps at the top and bottom to make it easier to keep folded as you roll it up.
While I am still going to try and do it more as 2 big pieces instead of following her piecing directions, I will follow her lead on wrapping the plastic pieces with the batting and using the tape.  I don't like how puffy mine looks.  I'll also use her button placement too.  Other things I'll do differently is to stick to thicker fabrics-probably canvas or duck cloth and not piece as much of the mat that folds out.  For the barn that my daughter has requested, I'll use red for the entire outside (adding white trim and ric rac) and then use brown for the inside of the barn and green for the rest of the mat.  I'll add a pond again, but that's it for the piecing.  Keeping it simple is always a good thing.

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  1. these are so fun to make. i made one a couple years ago and have some pictures in my flickr.



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