Friday, December 7, 2012

Three Strikes You're Out/ Piece of Humble Pie/ My Little Pity Party

Take your pick to what you want to title this post.
You see, they all apply.  I thought this coat, my third attempt (hence 3 Strikes and You're Out) was my sure bet into Project Run and Play, but now I think it's time to bow out gracefully.  I was so sure this time around that I was even composing my "Go Vote For Me" blog post in my head.  For the other auditions for season 4 and 5, I could easily pick out the outfits that would make it to the top 5 and it usually didn't include mine.  This time around though, I thought my coat and outfit stood out in craftsmanship and originality.  A lined wool coat was right up there on my list with boys 3 piece suit and wedding dress on 'when I can make this I'm really an accomplished seamstress'.  However, I guess I needed a dose of humility (hence Piece of Humble Pie) and I got it.  Really, it comes down to the fact that I have no clue to what the judges are looking for (compare my coat to the audition coat of the gal who went on to win season 5).  Why does it matter you ask?  Well there are really 2 things in my life right now that I kind of put my heart and soul into, that would be raising my kids and my sewing/creating.  The first doesn't quite offer the validation of having completed something and done a good job until years in the future.  Sewing on the other hand has some instant gratification.  I create because I love to, but it doesn't hurt to have someone say, "You made that?  That is so beautiful."  Being a designer in PR&P was kind of the pinnacle of that gratification. See, it's kind of a pity party too.
Now, moving on.
I'll probably play along with the weeks that really inspire me, but I don't have it in me to do every week.  I've got some ideas for the future and I'd like to see them into fruition.  
Right now, it's on to Christmas creating.  I have one more wool coat, this one for Sophia, sitting at my sewing machine, Christmas Eve pjs, 2 pairs of ballet leggings to knit, and 2 little fold out fabric houses to make all before Christmas.
So check back to see what I'm up to.  The coat is going to be another stunner.


  1. I just checked out the PR&P site...and it looks like they got it wrong! That coat definitely deserved a spot in the top 5! The victorian witch and polo shirt were pretty fabulous, but your coat's craftsmanship and detail is far superior to the other designs. I wish I was a judge, so I could award you a spot. At least Clara knows she has the most talented mom in the world! Love ya!! -Marissa

  2. I really thought your gorgeous coat was going to put you in the top 5!!! I love it and I am sure other people do as well - along with the shirt and skirt that you obviously put so much time and effort into. I think the judges (haha, trying to read their minds here) try to pick designers who each have a different perspective and style - so maybe they already have someone in a slot that sews in a similar style to you??? I don't know, I can't pretend to read their minds. Hugs, don't get discouraged and I hope to continue to see your work as you sew along, or I'll just keep reading your blog to see the other things you are up to!

  3. Well how rude! I was wishing just the other day that we lived closer so you could help me brave making some clothes. Your skills are amazing and I love what you make. You are fabulous.

  4. Thank you all! Not too down on myself, just had to vent for a little. Moving on with some fun ideas for the Christmas break.

  5. Sally, I think your coat should have made it into the top 5, too. It is pretty and looks very well made.

    I don't expect to win, myself. I have gotten to the point where I know that I just don't understand how judges pick people to win. During last competition, I spent hours upon hours of handsewing on the First Confirmation Dress I made for the white sheet challenge, and was super proud of the work I did. Didn't win the weekly challenge, though. I think people have their own ascetic and that is what they lean towards. I sew for an older girl and boy, and am just glad they still want to wear momma made clothes to school. :)

  6. You aren't giving up, you are just moving in a different direction...

    I personally loved this coat, and am so impressed with how daring you are. Your skills and talent are amazing! I remember when we were working on simple baby dresses and look how far you are. I almost made a coat because of this one, then realized I just didn't have the time.

  7. I forgot to add, I "pinned" your coat earlier this week because I loved it so much!

  8. Hoping for inspiration to strike in all 6 challenges! Your craftsmanship and the coat's quality were great...
    Outerwear remains unattempted

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  10. Sally, I can truly appreciate your honesty in this post. I would never have the guts to post my feelings the way you have here. And I truly feel that your coat is a beautifully hand-crafted garment. I am a huge fan of well-made outerwear, and I would definitely categorize this coat as just that. Please don't give up, and try again next season! Your time will come! *hug*

  11. During the last round of PR&P and your entry for this season, I feel, stand out from the crowd in both quality and design and are always full of class. You are a fabulous seamstress whether or not you are in a competition.



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