Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Run and Play--Kind Of

 This is a dress I created about a year ago that fits the bill for this weeks Project Run and Play theme, but it's too old so I can't officially put it up.  It's a dress inspired by the Mondrian Dress by Yves St Laurent, who was inspired by the painting of Piet Mondrian.
I blogged about it here and here.  This is still one of my favorite things I've created.
If I wasn't busy doing things like redecorating my kitchen, altering recital dance costumes for the dance school where my daughters take dance and really just keeping up with my life, I think I'd use some of my favorite paintings of young girls as inspiration.
image of Young Girl Reading
image of A Girl with a Watering Can
Or maybe I'd just use these paintings as inspiration for color.
Farm Garden (Flower Garden)
Farm Garden--Gustav Klimt
Bulb Fields
Alfalfa Fields, Saint-Denis

So what would you use for your inspiration?


  1. aaahh, such a cute little Sophie and an awesome dress too. Too bad it was made too long ago to link. You have some greatinspiration and i wish you had time to sew something up but your plate sounds like it is overflowing!!

  2. I thought about Picasso and Van Gogh first, but then I went with Victoria Franc├ęs.

  3. Did Twiggy wear a similar dress?? It seems familiar to me - when I was googling the many looks of Twiggy for another season's PR&P entry.... I'm glad you posted this nonetheless! We 'sat' this week out, but are loving the art inspiration others are offering.

  4. I totally thought of your Mondrian dress for the Inspired by Art challenge !
    It's an unforgettable one.

  5. What a fabulous Mondrian dress!
    Back in my 20's in the 90's I used to always watch Elsa Klench on CNN - I loved her! I was always so thrilled when the designers she was reporting on explained how their inspiration came from this art movement or that artist....since I actually studied art history but would have loved to have studied fashion.

  6. That is a really cute dress!

    I think maybe I would do a dress from a painting reproduction we have of a Midsummer's Night Dream. It is a flowy cream dress.

    I am totally going to miss out on the PRP season this time if I don't get busy to get at least ONE thing done. I am hoping to get some sewing time in on Friday, but we shall see!



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