Friday, August 9, 2013

The Wheels on The Bus

Today is back to school time for my kiddos and I've got one starting kindergarten this year. Yikes! How the time flies...and she's my last.
Perfect timing for all of this back to school hullabaloo is this 'Back 2 School' pattern bundle (We're talking 9 patterns here!) offered by Chelsea from Get Your Crap Together.
After some consulting with Clara on what she wanted here is what we came up with. I declared I was going to use the bird print canvas (picked up from my mom's stash this summer) and she picked the other fabrics and lucky me, I already had some zippers to match.
The pencil pouch is perfect for holding all of school's necessities all in one place and will surely get a lot of use. The only thing I changed was that I added a row of top stitching by the zipper to keep the lining in place for her little hands which are still getting the hang of a zipper.
 Here's a peak inside...I just love the bright pink polka dot that she chose.
The coin purse is exactly the same as the pencil pouch, but smaller and perfect for keeping that lunch money in one place.
 The crayon roll is probably her favorite and has been carried all around the house. I love how I was able to tie in all 3 fabrics with it.
  It sewed together really fast and Chelsea's instructions are spot on and easy to follow.
 Clara has seriously colored so much more since I made this for her...if I'd only known I would have sewn one long ago:)
One final look with it all wrapped up.
 Okay, I take that back, this is definitely her favorite and has been on her back for a week now. I've had to ask her to take it off at meal times and bed times many times this week. 
Again, the bag sewed up really fast and the instructions were great, especially for attaching the straps of the bag.
I used some awesome woven cording (again from my mom's stash) instead of ribbon. I like how sturdy they seem.  At Clara's request, instead of sewing the cording into the bottom of the bag like the instructions said to, she wanted the "metal hole things like in the brother's bags (their sports bags)", so I added grommets and then sewed the cording extra good together after looping it through the holes. 
 And there you have her complete set...all ready for kindergarten!
 Check out Chelsea's blog for more "Bus Stops" and for a great give-away of her pattern pack!
Get Your Crap Together

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  1. Isn't it funny how kids are about bags! My son will wear his around all day and tell me it is time for Preschool. He doesn't even go to preschool! Love it. Thanks for participating in our tour!



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