Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bumble Bee Dress Tour

It was my privilege to be apart of this wonderful little tour. RaeAnna just released a wonderfully versatile dress pattern and I get to be a part of the action.
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Here's my little creation. I made view A, with a couple of little changes.
Since neither of my girls needed a new dress, even though the pattern goes up to size 12, I decided to make this little ensemble for my niece, which means I can't get pictures with her in it because she lives across the 'pond' way over in England.
The only thing I really changed was that when it called for ruffles, I did pleats instead.
As for the dress, this pattern came together like a dream. I think the hand embroidery took longer than the assembly of the dress. Seriously.
With 2 different options of dresses, there are many chances to make this dress your own.
For my dress, I used unbleached muslin for the bodice and a floral print from Hobby Lobby (that was actually gifted to me by these lovely ladies). 
I added the embroidery just to add a little more to the dress and the button was the finishing touch. This is my all time favorite button find and this one is my last one.
I'm kind of loving how the embroidery made the plain bodice stand out a little more and go with the other fabric instead of just fading into the background.
And just for fun I made a pair of leggings to go with the dress.  I used a t-shirt of mine that was fitting kind of funny. I just used a bloomer pattern to make up a pattern for the leggings.
And since I don't have a model for this cute ensemble here are a couple more pictures that hopefully show off how cute this pattern is.
Oh the possibilities with the Bumble Bee Dress!

So head on over to RaeAnna's blog and check out the give-a-way and the amazing pattern...it's on sale for $5 from November 4-18!


  1. I'm still in love with that topstitching!! And the pleats?? Great idea!

  2. What a beautiful top! Love the handstitching and the use of the solid fabric to make the whole outfit pop!

  3. The hand embroidery is a perfect way to finish the dress! So cute!

  4. You, Ashley, and Emily have me chastising myself that I don't do more with hand embroidery! It really makes this dress look soooooo stunning! I wish I could see the look on your sweet niece's face when she opens her gift!



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