Monday, November 18, 2013

Some Much Needed Pants and a Very Productive Weekend

It was a quiet weekend around here, with 2 of the 6 out of town, so I had a productive Saturday. First up, I made this jumper for Sophia...go check out my review of the pattern over at Sew Cool for the Tween Scene.

 I also managed to whip up 3 pairs of pants for Clara. I used the Oliver & s knit pants pattern that comes with the Nature Walk Pullover. It's a great pattern and these pants are really easy to make. When I say whip up, I really mean it. From start to finish I was able to get all 3 pairs cut out and sewn in 2 hours. The serger helped it go a little faster, but still...3 pairs of pants in 2 hours!!!! Can't beat that. 
 I wish I knew my types of knits better, or at least paid attention to what I was buying, but I don't. All of the fabric came from JoAnn's.
 This one is my favorite pair. I used the opposite side of the fabric to get the contrast of the band. The knit is super soft and comfy.

 This pair is Clara's favorite...purple polka dots, need I say more.
 This one is a heathery red and super soft as well.
 I do love the Oliver & s patterns and this one is no exception. Easy to follow, clearly written directions, they never fail.
 However, I found a big mistake in this pattern. I'd sewn up these pants once before and thought it kind of weird how there wasn't a front and back specified.  This time around I paid a little more attention to the pattern and there is clearly a back and front to the pants, but not labeled or even mentioned in the instructions.  The rise is different and makes a big difference in how it fits. Once you have the pieces cut out, you'll notice the difference in the length of the rise (crotch seam) for the front and the back...just make sure you piece them accordingly.  Other than that, a great pattern. 
And now my not so little gal has 3 pairs of much needed pants, just in time for the weather to turn cold here.
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  1. The pants turned out cute! I like the polka dot ones best too.



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