Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Little Mantra

Our family mantra that I put on to canvas. Black chalkboard paint with white paint. I used the pencil scribbling method on the back of the paper (designed in word), but used chalk instead of pencil. Then you just trace over the front and it leaves a little outline for you to fill in with paint. Worked great!
Two summers ago, we were visiting our relatives in Utah and decided to climb 2 mountains while we were out there.  When I say we, I mean all of us, even Clara who was 4 at the time...and much too heavy to carry.  When I say mountains, it wasn't the highest peak, but they certainly rivaled any 'mountains' in the East. The first one was 'Y' Mount right by BYU. It was a little over 1 mile of switchbacks to get to the top of the big 'Y'. 
This is when we came up with our little keep little feet moving. And guess what, it worked.
 Our second mountain was the trail up to Timpanogos Caves. This hike was done with a lot of cousins, so was a little more fun...diversions are always nice.
 For this hike, we also divided up into age groups/leg sizes with an adult or two with each group. The little ones were behind us by a switch back or two when I took this picture.
So there you have it...You are tough and strong and awesome and can do anything you want...even climb 2 mountains when you are only 4 years old!

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