Monday, March 3, 2014

A Little Tip and Something Beautiful

I love doing rolled hems, with my rolled hem foot...really I just hate the ironing part of doing a regular hem, so I avoid it when at all possible. That being said, I hated how the rolled hem looked when I first start a hem.  My solution...tissue paper. Just take a piece that extends an inch or two from where you want to start. Then start sewing on the tissue paper and start your rolled hem as normal. No more wonky hems at the beginning. Then all you have to do is tear away the tissue paper.  It's that easy!
 Now on to something beautiful. Today we woke up to ice coating everything...the joys of living in the South, but just far enough north to be on the edge of freezing weather. This meant the kids got off school, but by noon things weren't too bad and some of my kids had places to go. Just down the street from our house is a stream and just as I was about to drive over the bridge, this beauty of a Great Blue Heron flew down and landed. I grabbed my camera and got a couple shots off before he either decided there wasn't anything to eat there or that it was just too cold.
 As I think I've mentioned before, if I had to pick my dream job I would be a photographer for National Geographic, just so I could travel the world and take pictures of nature...she never ceases to amaze me.

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