Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Traveler's Dress--Selfish Sewing

Update--I'm using this post as my 2 cents over at the Shaffer Sisters and Call Ajaire Sew-a-bration of Womanhood series.
It's all about celebrating the chance we have to use our talents for ourselves as well.  You should check it out...they really have a great line-up of amazing women!
Does anyone else get a little self conscience putting pictures of themselves up for all to see? Well I do...but this dress is finally finished and I want to document it. Plus sewing for one's self is kind of fun and I want to encourage others to do it too!
The fabric is something I picked up at Textile Fabrics last summer. You can see the various shades that go from the darker green (shoulders) to the yellow (legs). I carefully cut the placket and sleeves so that they would match. The collar is just what was left over.
 The pattern was classic Lisette style...easy to follow and well written. However, I take issue with the lack of collar stand. She kind of did a pseudo collar stand that was just part of the collar and I did not like the way it looked or laid (it seems like she does this with a lot of her patterns). So I spent an entire movie picking it out and then drafted my own collar stand as well as a new collar ( I kind of used the pattern piece as a reference for that one). The new one looks so much better than the first. I like the way it lays and looks. 
 And as for the dress...I got a lot of comments on it at church today. That being said...this was not a great dress for sitting down. Standing up this dress fit perfectly and there was even wiggle room. Sitting down, it would gape at the placket. So I'm not sure if it's me or the pattern. Another interesting thing, thanks to my very pale legs that kind of blended in with the yellow at the bottom...my husband thought this dress was much shorter that it really is. So if you want to create the illusion of having a short dress on, just match the bottom color with your legs:)


  1. It looks great on you! Wonderful job on matching the pattern colors. I am also not a big fan of pseudo collar stands. Ottobre does that for some of their button up shirts, and I usually draft a collar stand, too.

  2. Amazing fabric, great job on the pattern placement on the fabric.
    I would love to sew more for myself... hopefully I'll find time in the future...

  3. Oh you look beautiful. I love how the ombre effect on that fabric!



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