Friday, January 9, 2015

In Black and White

So it's been a while...with the holidays (can you say 3 different concerts?!), camera not working, sick kids,'s been a while. But I am going to be better...

I thought I'd share what is on my mind at the moment's cold here and I still haven't put up window coverings of any kind. While we have fairly good windows, I wonder if having some sort of curtain up would help in the whole heating department.  Not sure if it would or not, but it sure would help in feeling that the rooms were "completed". 
That's what I have on my mind...curtains.
I've ventured into curtains before and plan to reuse those, but I need some new ideas as well.
These I made from some vintage handkerchiefs...still love how they turned out!
I find that I'm still drawn to the simple white with black lined details, like this one from Ikea
Or this one from Ikea:
And not only am I drawn to black and white, but to the more organic looking designs verses the actual patterns.  This is probably why I'm drawn to doodling like this: 
My Christmas present to myself, found on Amazon.
So my thinking is going down this road: I wonder if I could design/draw my own fabric. I have a bunch of white (same fabric used in the handkerchief curtains actually) and I'm thinking with a sharpie I could come up with something that is not only really cool, but really unique.
The question is, is it doable? 

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