Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Awesome, Quick and Easy: New Shorts Pattern from Elegance and Elephants!

Heidi over at Elegance and Elephants has just come out with another great pattern. Boho Trousers and Shorts is just what you need for a quick summer sew. And right now there's 15% off this new pattern...you should go check it out!
I had the chance to test the shorts and Clara is love with them...in fact I have 2 more pairs cut out and ready to sew. Just in time too, because this gal of mine was in need of some shorts.
As always, Heidi's instructions are easy to follow with clear pictures and helpful suggestions along the way. You come away with a quality product.  And for this pattern it was a very quick sew from start to finish...with the taping of the pattern I think it only took me 1 1/2 hours from beginning to end!
For the grey ones I used a light weight linen blend and some contrasting quilters cotton for the pockets along with some lace on the bottom.  This pattern is perfect for those summery airy fabrics.
The purple ones are made out of an upcycled skirt and she just loves these. For this pair I used the existing hem of the skirt for the hem of the shorts.  I wish I had had enough to make the pants out of this fabric...it would have been the perfect pair of light weight summer pants. 
We do have some plans for making the pants in the future though...just on the hunt for some light weight fabric for them.  For the shorts you can get a pair out of 1/2 a yard.  All you need is the fabric, elastic and trim if desired. For the pants you'll need a little more fabric and some elastic for the legs as well.


  1. These are so cute! Perfect for an older girl too!

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  3. I wish this was big enough for Liz. The pants are so cute. We are in need of a good adult size shorts pattern. Suggestions? Love the refashion too. My current favorite thing to sew for Fiona usually involves recycling skirts into dresses.

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