Monday, June 22, 2009

Zippers and Pillows

Zippers have always scared me, but I really wanted to do the trade that Sara B. was offering for her photography skills, so I said yes to making 4 pillows with hidden zippers. She picked out the great fabric and asked to have piping as well. I wasn't sure if a zipper would work right up next to the piping, but it did. And I learned that hidden zippers are surprisingly easy and I would chose them over the regular kind any day. The trick is using a zipper bigger than what you need so that you can finish it off before you get to the actual end. It made for a nicer looking finish and a zipper that stayed hidden. The bolster was a lot easier than expected and stretched my geometry skills (or lack there of).
I think the fabric was called Storybook, but I can't remember the designer.
(Edit: I was wrong, it is Wonderland by Momo for Moda Fabrics--Thanks, Val!)
This fabric really grew on me. At first I thought it rather busy, but it made lovely pillows. There are a couple of color variations of the print, this one, a bright one with black and a pastel one. Even the boys really liked it. I think they liked the birds the most. Ethan was asking for pillows too. There were 2 covers made from this, each a little different. I should have taken a picture of both, but I didn't.


  1. Wonderland by Momo for Moda. I bought one of the fabrics in the line (Tweedledum in the Sugar colorway; it is the flowers in the center) for my new living room pillows, too. I bought a charm pack, 4x4s of 20+ fabrics so I could have all of them because the whole line is delicious.

    btw, bought them from an etsy seller, Fabric on etsy is great, because shipping can be as little as a dollar. Plus, supporting small mom businesses, which I love. Plus, fabric selection in the wee PA towns is abyssmal.

    AND the workmanship is great. I, too, may someday soon brave zippers!

  2. Love the cushions. Very nicely done. Good job with the zippers :)

  3. fabric is available online for the cover of the pillow. with reasonable price.



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