Friday, December 18, 2009

Pictures of Projects and avoiding more Projects

Here are some pictures of the finished mushroom book covers. I liked how this one turned out. I think Jakob is getting this one and his cousin the other. I'm not sure which one I like more though.
Here is the quilt top that is going to be Sophia's Christmas present. She already knows that hers won't be quite finished, but I'm still going to wrap it up with the fabric I'm going to use for the back. There are a couple places that bug me, but over all I love the scrappy look of it all. It doesn't really show up in the picture, but the different white on white prints look really scrappy too.
Here it is with the backing. It doesn't quite match, but I think she is going to love it. It's got butterflies and red and pink, some of her favorite things.
Finally, I finished one!!! That is, one of the jump rope dresses from Oliver&S. It was an amazingly fast sew, given how complicated it seemed. It was hard, but the directions were wonderfully written to make every step easy to understand. It did stretch my skills as well and I love the end result. What happened was my original idea for Sophia's Christmas dress went down the drain when I discovered the gray wool that I intended to use was full of moth eaten holes (it was going to be a jumper with kick plate pleats and embroidered snowflakes, my own creation) Plan B turned into this dress from some old purple and gold fabric from my mom's stash. Love the vintage look of the fabric and love the way it looks on her (she tried it on with her eyes closed for me, just so I could see how I did). My review of the pattern: Loved it! Easy to follow with great "hints" written into the directions Challenging, but worth it. My only negative thought is that it runs a little small. My experience with patterns so far has been that they run a little big, so when I measured Sophia and she fell under 'size 5' I went with it thinking she'll have a little room to grow into it. Not really the case. It's a little tight in the shoulders. Now I know.
Oh and Baby Violet gets a "matching" dress too.
Now back to the rest of the sewing I need to get done before Christmas...

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