Thursday, March 18, 2010

Practical Crafting

What do you do when you have a cheaply made, foamy thing that is not any bit comfortable resting on your neck for the next couple of months? You tell your mom that she really could make something much more comfortable, because she is awesome that way (okay so he didn't say that but he did say since I was so good at making things). So here is what I came up with, nice soft flannel on the inside, something cushiony in the middle and some soft canvas for durability on the outside. Add 4 huge button holes on each side and there you have a much more comfortable neck strap thingy that is much better than the cheap foamy thing they give you at the hospital. You also get one happy guy who no longer has a rash on his neck. (He is a little smelly though, because it's really hard to bathe him and don't get me started on that armpit that really can't be touched...)
You see that spot about 2 inches above the cast? That is where the actual break is...not casted and kind of scary for this mom. The idea is for the cast to make his arm hang down straight so the new bone can grow around the break. The cast kind of weights his arm to add some tension to the upper arm and keep the bone relatively straight. The thing around the neck is supposed to help him hold up the cast without using his shoulder muscles and kind of keep it immobile. I'm glad I could make it a little more comfortable for him. He's been a trooper about the whole thing.


  1. Is this the second or third time he's broken his arm? And yes, it would be completely unnerving to have the broken part of his arm exposed.

  2. It's his 3rd in 9 months. The last time was 2 broken arms at the same time. When he does it, he does it good.

  3. Oh I've got to show this to Greg...he will love you're brilliance. I'm laughing!



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