Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm still creating and I so want to make this

So I have been making stuff...I just haven't been taking pictures of it. I did do the vest for this crazy crew. I could have done the dresses instead, but I didn't think I could look at that green for very long. Don't get me wrong, I love green. It's my favorite color. It's just that this green was an awful mix of lime, fluorescent and apple. Hard on the eyes up close but looked great on stage. If you want to see them, check the number out on youtube just type in 'atlanta temple celebration' and pick the Motown number.

I also managed to make two Easter dresses in one week. Unfortunately, I always forget to take some pictures when the girls are wearing them. This was the beginnings of Clara's. It was some old feed sack material that I kept holding on to, just waiting for the perfect project. I turned it into a simple dress, with a ruffle on the bottom and window pane sleeves. I promise pictures as soon as I get them. Then this week I made a mobile of birds for a baby shower present and a kids apron for a birthday present for one of Sophia's friends. Sadly, no picture of those either. You see, I can't find the battery that my camera needs. I need to go somewhere where I can ask someone some questions, because it is kind of frustrating not having a camera.

But do you want to know what I really want to be making right now...this. It looks crazy hard (can I just say zippers in weird places!), but I think it is so worth having that I'm going to have to try...sometime in trying to pack up and move in the next month. Hmmm...

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