Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Quick Library Bag

 We go to the library once a week and we check out a lot of books.  Our old library bag was falling apart and was not nearly big enough.  Keeping 3 precocious readers in books is a hard feat.  Add to that the picture books we take home for the 4 year old and our bag gets crammed every week.  On a side note, one thing I've found about picking out chapter books for my 14, 12 and 9 year olds is to pick a variety (they really can't come to the library with me every week) and then not expect them to read all of the books I bring home, but at least they have a choice.  If there is a book that is really good, but they don't want to open it (because mom recommended it of course), I check it out a bunch of times, and eventually they'll pick it up.

As for the bag, just a simple tote bag, lined, with a pocket for the library cards and lists of books to check out.  The letters I put on using the freezer paper method.  Pretty simple.  Not much to it and now we have a new library bag.

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