Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another Winter Woolen

I've always had two coats in mind when I got a box of fabric from my mom with a couple of yards of wool in two different colors in it.  Moms are nice that way to send a surprise every once in a while.  The wool was originally sent for my knock off dress, but I used the velvet instead.  I loved how Clara's coat turned out, but wanted to do something different for Sophia's.  I like how they "match" without being too match-y.  Maybe I'll be able to get a picture of both of them as we head off to the Nutcracker here in a couple of days.  

The inspiration came from Il Gufo coat.  The coat that I liked is no longer in the catalog, but you can see it on the cover of the look book for their winter line.  I used this pattern for the basics of it.  Looking at it you would think I would have gone for a nice woolen cape, but I chose to take the dress and basically turn it around, add a rounded peter pan collar and make it long sleeves.
Here's the finished coat.  It was a dark and rainy day all day today, so the pictures are not the greatest.  Actually, they are awful.   Hopefully, I'll get the chance to take some different ones soon.  Also, don't mind all of the wrinkles.  It takes several sessions of ironing to get the wrinkles out of the fabric that has been sitting on my mom's shelf for who knows how long.  She basically does only quilts now, so this was probably sitting either on a shelf or in a container for years (but not a single moth eaten hole!).  
 Here's a look at the pockets on the side seams and the contrasting stripe on the sleeves.
 Peak at the inside.  The inside lining fabric is from JoAnn's.  The grey used from the piping on the collar, stripe on the sleeves, inside placket and part of the pockets are just the leftovers from the first coat
 And my daughters favorite, the bow on the back on top of a box pleat.  This is another change from the pattern.  I cut that middle piece in half and added a piece that was doubled in width to get the pleat.
Now off to finish the Christmas Eve pjs.  They are cut out and should go together rather quickly.  Hopefully, I'll have those done tonight.


  1. Gorgeous! The details - the piping, stripe, bow, pleat, etc. - are just beautiful. Great job!

  2. Thanks guys! This was a fun one to make. Glad you liked it.



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