Monday, December 3, 2012

Presenting the Complete Holiday Cheer

 Do you remember this outfit which I called 'Holiday Cheer'?  Well it was missing something, so I chose to add the finishing touch to it just in time for Open Auditions over at Project Run and Play and use the whole outfit for my entry.
This was half of my creation for week 5 of last season on Project Run and Play, but it was missing something.  You see, a beat up denim coat, her only coat that fits her, would not do to wear over this outfit.  It needed a nice dress coat.  When my mom sent me some nice wool, I knew where I was going to use it.
Throw in some soft cranberry velvet and you have the perfect coat, to go with her 'Holiday Cheer' outfit.
I couldn't be happier with how this coat turned out.  One thing I've enjoyed about playing along with Project Run and Play, is the chance I've had to challenge myself and push myself to learn new things.  With this last season and now this coat, I think I've become a much better and more knowledgeable seamstress.
Now for the details of the coat and outfit.
The coat is made from a soft grayish wool, sent to me by my mom from her stash.
The cranberry colored velvet is from her stash as well.  It was initially used for another project, but I had plenty left over and it went perfectly with the wool as well as the colors in the outfit.
The print used for the lining and the buttons came from JoAnn's.
To make the coat, I used the measurements from my daughter to draft a bodice piece.  From there I added the peter pan collar, sleeves and a skirt with 5 pleats (2 in the front, 2 on the sides and one in the back--it makes a perfect 5 point star).  I decided to make the bodice double breasted, knowing that I couldn't run buttons all the way down the front.  I like the impact of the 4 buttons on the bodice. 
(One dilemma that I had was what color of thread to use to make the button holes.  With the velvet on the inside being seen at times, I couldn't go with gray.  Even gray on top and maroon on bottom, didn't work because some of the gray could be seen on the velvet.  I ended up going with maroon on top and bottom.  Still not sure if it was the best choice, but it didn't seem like there was a perfect option.)
The entire bodice and collar are outlined in piping made from the velvet.
The coat is fully lined with the gray paisley, except for the front of the bodice.  I used the velvet there for visual impact when the top button is left on done.  For the lining, I gathered the skirt instead of pleating it.
For the finishing touch, I decided to make this muff.  Because of the way the coat was put together, there wasn't really any where to put pockets.  The pleats eliminated welted or patch pockets on the front and the skirt of the jacket is one continual piece, so side seam pockets were out too.  And Clara, my 4 year old, is big into pockets.
The muff was the solution to keep little hands warm.  It is simply a cylinder made from 2 pieces of the wool and one piece of the velvet, with a little extra contrasting stitching and some soft and fluffy fleece for the lining. 
The strap is attached with snaps on each side, knowing that it would be considered a choking hazard if it was all one piece.

Now for details on the outfit.
Like I said, I made this for the Holiday Wear challenge.  This outfit will be worn several times throughout the holiday season, but because of the non traditional color scheme for holiday wear, she'll be able to wear it much longer than that.
When I planned this outfit, I knew I wanted a cream colored fabric for the shirt, but I had a hard time finding any that I liked.  One day I saw this shirt in my closet that I never wore and knew it would be perfect.  It is just a soft cream knit.

I unpicked all of the ruffles off of it, so that I could 'get' as much fabric as possible.  When Clara saw them laying in a pile, she asked me to put them on her shirt.  I wasn't planning on adding them, but I am so glad I did because they really add to the shirt and make it a little fancier.
The shirt has a full front placket and peter pan collar.  I used a shirt of Clara's to draft the pieces, adding a little extra in order to make the placket.
 The embroidery was supposed to be another attempt at ribbon embroidery, but apparently that doesn't work too well with knits.  The buttons, that work perfectly, were found at JoAnn's. 
 The skirt is a simple gathered skirt, with an underskirt and 2 layers of tulle in between.  The sash is just a long piece of finished maroon sateen.  I needed something to tie it all together and make the outfit more like a 4 year old.
 The black fabric was picked up at a clearance of remnants at the high end fabric store here in town.  I loved the details and picked it up with a skirt for me in mind.  However, I like my clothes to last a couple of years and I imagined the embroidery getting snagged easily...but for a season on the girls it should work.  It did have some flaws already, which I tried to cut around and repair when I could.  In fact, I went around the whole scalloped edge again, because they had snipped the scallops to close to the embroidery and it was fraying really badly.

And there you have a complete holiday outfit!
Peek at the back 

 So most of my pictures of her from this little 'photo shoot' had this look on her face.  The reason you ask?  It was 76 out while taking the pictures!!!!  It's December 3rd and it is that warm.  Even for this part of the South where we live, that is unusual.  She was a trooper for letting me take pictures of her in a lined, wool coat.  But when she was done, she was really done. 


  1. the jacket is adorable! Great with the lining and all the details. Just popped over to check out my competition for Run and Play :o)

  2. That coat is stunning perfection!!! I love everything about it.... Ashley and I were talking the other day about muffs, and the possibilities they offer :). GREAT JOB, SALLY!! Good luck....

  3. Lovely coat and muff. I especially love your attention to detail. Very nice.

  4. Thank you all for the kind comments! It's been fun "getting" to know you all through your blogs and good luck to you all!

  5. The coat is lovely and I am so glad you included a muff! I have fond memories of the muffs that came with my special occasion coats as a girl. Your little lady should love it :) Very well sewn...congratulations

  6. Beautiful coat, Sally! Good luck with the auditions, it would be fun to see you compete!

  7. Beautiful coat! Well done. I hope we get to see more of your work on the next Project RNP

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  9. Beautiful Jacket. I love all the details you put into it and the colors. Excellent work you should be proud of your excellent hand crafted work.

  10. I am in LOVE with this whole look...and I WANT that coat!!!

  11. The whole outfit is adorable, and I especially love the coat! How lovely!

  12. This outfit is just beautiful! I love the ruffles on the blouse and the coat and muff are fabulous!

  13. Wow! This entire outfit is amazing! I love it all! And thanks for pointing me in the direction of this muff. What a great idea! I'm definitely pinning this and coming back to it soon!



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