Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project Run and Play--Week 1

Project Run and Play is back and for the first week, the challenge is a remix of a pattern.  The pattern they picked was the party dress by Cottage Home.   And I can honestly say the dress did not inspire me, however, there were some elements of it that I did like.  I decided to take those and run with it.  The two things I did like were the covered buttons and the contrasting band at the bottom, so I incorporated them into this skirt.  Sophia is more of a skirt gal than a dress gal and that style of dress seems more for a little girl (her words), so a skirt was a good alternative.
I present my color blocked/covered button take on the party dress.
The skirt is made from white and red linen.  I made the waistband the contrasting color to mimic the sash from the original pattern, because Sophia really didn't want the sash.
I really like the contrast of the two bands and buttons against the white.
There are 13 covered buttons, of the smallest size that I could find.  It brought back memories of making satin covered buttons for my wedding dress.  My mom made mine, so I was delegated the task of covering 50 buttons.
Here's the fun part...the loops were made from 1/2 inch strips of fabric that I turned into bias tape.  I put the pin there to give you an idea of the size.  Those are 1/8 inch strips made from fabric, not ribbon, and not an easy task.
I also included an underlay/panel to go under the buttons just in case there's separation from the front and back while she's walking.
I originally had planned a cute white shirt with red fabric covered buttons on it somewhere, but was not able to get that finished.  That is because I picked up my sewing machine from getting a tune-up late Wednesday morning.  Throw in all of the other stuff a mom of 4 has to do and I barely got this skirt done in time to get pictures tonight.
This is just a fun picture from messing around in Picasa.  It kind of has that retro feel that the whole outfit has.


  1. I realize that since you havn't written yet, I am making wild guesses about your outfit. But, I love the row of buttons - brings me back to when I made 50 covered buttons for the back of a period gown in college, I digress. Is it a skirt and top - or all one dress? If it is indeed a skirt I think it is ingenious! The styling with the jean jacket and the hair embelishment and the boots make this feel so modern (with that nod to period).
    All that to say, I'm really enjoying your first look!

  2. You did it!!! And, is FANTASTIC. LOVE the buttons, and sharp color-blocking. Excellent! Please tell me your daughter is wearing that to school tomorrow :)...

  3. I love the contrast of the red bands against the white and all the buttons too! I can't believe you made those teeny, tiny loops! Great job!

  4. This is a great skirt for an older girl! I agree that the pattern did not lend itself well to older girls. I think you did a great job in using a few ideas from it for your daughters skirt. All those covered buttons...Oy! What perseverance! :) So cute!

  5. What a great take on this dress for an older girl! It looks fabulous!

    I used bias tape to make my button loops too—I didn't want to deal with turning that skinny piece of fabric inside-out, ugh.

  6. great tween twist on this challenge ~ bravo !
    love the red & white color block and all the little red buttons :)

  7. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! The buttons! She looks so cute in it and it a great casual take on the dress.

  8. This outfit is perfect for the older girl. I am impressed with your tiny bias loop pieces and those tiny buttons. Great job!

  9. I LOVE the skirt! The row of red buttons just pop!



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