Monday, February 4, 2013

Sowing while you Sew--Week 4 Giving Back

One of the things that sewing is great for, is for making useful things.  These useful things also make great gifts, but they also make great things to give to someone that could really use them.  That is one thing I wanted to pass on to my daughter as I taught her how to sew, that sewing can be done for the good of those around you as well...just like any other gift or talent we are given.
This is the fabric that Sophia picked out to make 2 pillow cases out of. The little floral is actually a really soft flannel.
When I picked the projects, I picked a couple with those thoughts in mind.  They are ones that I have either done personally and donated or that I know are in need.
The pillow case is one of those things that is easy to make and easy to donate.
Here is a link for a kind of one stop place to find where to donate, but you can look locally as well.
(That site also has some fun patterns if you want to get fancy)
And here are some more specific ones:
ConKerr Cancer--These go to kids that are in the hospital for cancer treatments
The Patriotic Pillowcase Project--this is for VA Hospital donations
I know the children's hospital here takes donations of pillow cases, so that is where we are planning on giving ours to.  Really you just have to think of a place where someone might need a little comfort and I bet they would accept your donation.  I hope this helps a little to head you in the right direction.  Pick something that you believe in or that is related to you personally to make it have more of an impact on your child.

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