Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Little Wall Art

  A month or two ago we swapped the boy's and the girl's rooms and each got a fresh coat of paint.  We moved into our little ranch almost 2 years ago and haven't done much to it.  It was still painted the same beige all throughout the house (except the kitchen, which I'm going to tackle next).  Each of the bedrooms is now a different color.  The girl's is a lovely Spring green (not minty pastel) and I've been trying to decorate it.  This is the newest addition, the quote on the wall. (The flower picture is from here and the embroidery pattern from here--embroidered by me and changed every month)
The quote is from Anne of Avonlea and is one of my favorite literary quotes of all times.  It's from a conversation between Anne and Gilbert before they start their first year as teachers.  Gilbert just decided that he was going to be a doctor and change the world that way.  This is Anne's response (I did change the word 'them' to 'people' to make it make more sense):
I just simply wrote the quote out with pencil and then painted over it with acrylic paint.  The little shadow is actually a tracing of a paper cut pattern from a blog that I found, Sherenschnitte, and then I changed it up a bit by having her blow a dandelion puff instead of bubbles.
Once I get their comforter covers done, I'll do a little walk through of their room. There's a lot of homemade goodness in their room.

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  1. How fun that you change out the embroidery from month to month! Your girls must love that! I love Sarah's embroidery patterns.



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