Monday, May 20, 2013

Whimsical Tunic Embellishments

Today I'm sharing how to do the side ruching on this whimsical tunic over at Project Run and Play.  But I also wanted to share how I did the exposed yoke and sleeve tabs.
Like I said in my post over at PR&P, we're thinking ahead for some fun pieces to add to Clara's kindergarten wardrobe.  She really liked this fun owl print and the green polka dot went perfectly with it.  But why hide it on the inside?
 To create the yoke, use your back and front pieces to make a pattern.  Since I was creating the tunic without a pattern, I decided to have a little fun with the opening.  I decided to do the scallops to mimic the dots.  You can do something simple like I did for the first tunic I made.
Here you can see how I created the neck line on the front piece of the bodice. 
 Then I cut it out.
 For the yoke piece, I simply used the bodice pieces as the pattern. Done before you sew the shoulder seams of the bodice together.
 Next decide on the width of the yoke, making sure you match the front and the back pieces when it comes to how wide you'll be making it.

 Here's the 2 yoke pieces laid out on the corresponding bodice pieces.
For the next step you want to sew up the bodice pieces and then the yoke pieces at the shoulder seams, making sure to use the exact same seam allowance on both sets.
Now to attach the yoke to the bodice, you sew with the right side of the yoke to the wrong side of the bodice.  Very important, because you'll be flipping it out to the right side of the bodice.  After you've sewn them together, snip the seam allowance.  Since I had curves on this one, I notched it pretty good.
Once you've flipped the right side out, press and edge stitch around the neck opening only.
The next step is kind of tricky and takes a little patience.  You need to fold under and press the outside edge of the yoke.  Once you've pressed it, pin it really well.
Edge stitch around the outside edge and you are done with the yoke.  It's fun to have a little contrast!
Silly wide eyed girl.
View of the front and back yoke.
 As for the sleeve tabs, this is a pretty easy embellishment.
When you fold under the hem for the sleeves, just slide a tab into  the hem before you stitch it up.  Then fold it up and add the button.  Another simple thing to do to add a little contrast.
 One final picture of this silly girl.  She was making wide eyes this whole little photo shoot. 
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  1. cute details Sally!! Pinning for future use.

  2. Great scallops and button tab detail. I wanted to make something with an exposed yoke and Ansley wasn't seeing my vision. ;) Great tutorials!!!!

  3. Sally,
    This is killing me! I love it! I'm going to have to make this now!! Thanks for sharing.



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