Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back from Vacation

Well I'm back from a 2 week vacation and break from being connected.  The kids and I were visiting my parents who don't have a computer much less the internet.  It's weird to disconnect for a while. (I do get email on my non-smart phone and when I visit my sister who is about 10 minutes away I hop on her computer to do things like check the bank account). The kids have a hard time with it at first, but in the end are outside climbing trees, picking raspberries and watching the hummingbirds.

While there I was able to finish and hand over this project, which was received with much joy.  I was asked (okay...I really volunteered) to transform my niece's wedding dress...
 (Strapless, knee length dress with twisted bodice and hand beading) a blessing dress (same as a christening dress really).
 (The request was to try and incorporate the twisted bodice and as much as the shape as possible)
 In the end I was able to pick off the bodice and shape it into a baby appropriate bodice.  I sewed it into the sleeves, shoulders and side, but tacked it on at the top and bottom.  The back and front are all one piece (from the original dress...they were pieced originally obviously).  The sleeves are petal sleeves, mostly because I didn't have that many big pieces of fabric to cut out of.  I also added the beading around the neckline and added a couple of extra beads that were strategically placed on the bodice piece to keep it tacked down.  Finally, I lined the whole thing to keep little toes from snagging the beading threads on the inside of the dress.

Here she is on Great Grandma's lap.
 And here is the sweet family.  Sadly, they live in England so the next time I'll get to see her she'll be much bigger.
 And here is a picture with me.
 Finally, one picture of what we got to do while visiting.  I grew up in Gettysburg, PA and this was the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  There were reinactors every where. While we were on the battlefield one day, Clara spotted this lady (who must have been sweltering on this 95 degree day) and wanted her picture taken.  The Southern lady obliged. 


  1. I'll say it again: YOU ARE SO BRAVE!!! You definitely were able to incorporate the twisted bodice nicely.... Such a gift to your niece and her child!!

  2. Love the dress. Thought of you last week and wondered if you went home. Sounded like a special place to be.

  3. Turned out beautifully. I think I would have chickened out. :)



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