Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Keeping Busy

You know that little dream you have when your kids are finally all in school and you will have so much time to get to all of those projects you've been putting off for years?  Call me when you send your last to school and I'll fill you in with the hasn't happened yet for me.  My day seems to fly by and if I didn't have this blog I would wonder what I've accomplished.  At least here I document some of what I do so that I have a little record of my time spent.  I have been busy and am still sewing. Lately, most of my sewing has been documented over at Sew Cool for the Tween Scene, so go check out my latest review if you want to see some sewing for my kids.
 As for other projects, they were all put on hold for these that I volunteered myself for.  You see I firmly believe in serving others through your God given talents. I think sewing is one of my talents, so I do what I can with it.  This is a bunch of dance costumes that need to be altered (and these are the easy ones...there's a whole other batch that will require some thinking and time to fix). The 2 companies, a junior and a senior one, at my daughter's dance studio perform all year round at places like nursing homes and children's hospitals (one of the things I like about this place...they don't do a Christmas/Winter recital just so that they can focus on serving the community). Anyway, that means they need their costumes now, so I'm tightening straps and taking in some bodices.
 These are going to be super hero capes. My oldest, who is high school, will be headed to Grand Nationals with his marching band in a couple of weeks up in Indiana. Instead of wandering around the mall for hours in their down time between performing, the parents thought it would be a good idea to do something service oriented. They found this project called The Hero Project and plan on having a cape for each member of the band (160+) to give to one child in the hospital up there.  The capes come to me cut out and I just add the applique and sew the inside and outside together. Someone else is adding the velcro. Pretty easy on my part and just something little I can do in my own little way.


  1. Just yesterday I was talking to someone with 2 toddlers and she said maybe when her oldest started school she would have more time to sew. I told her things only get busier when the kids start school and there is less sewing time. Yay for helping others and yes, you have been very busy with some worthwhile projects. Hope your son has a fun marching band trip!

  2. when your kids get older it's a different kind of busy, wonderful helping others projects you are working on.



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