Monday, February 10, 2014

Woodland Fairy--Another Birthday Present

 Here's another birthday present for one of Clara's friends. This time a girl version of the woodland theme. 
Again, the fairy idea was from here,  the rabbit from here, the owl from here and the rose from here. She also got the 2 trees and a little fairy baby wrapped up in a 'leaf' and a silk square to set everything up on.
I've decided I really need to get a good stash of good wool felt. I'm kind of addicted to making these and need more colors. They are fast, fun and useful in a way. And they are hand work, which I always like to have something to work on while I'm waiting at dance or piano lessons. 
 Here's a close up of the fairy and a look at her wings...not exactly sure what fairy wings should look like, but I had fun coming up with this one.


  1. I bought supplies to make the same fairy a few weeks ago but haven't got to it yet. Yours is adorable!!!



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