Friday, October 9, 2009

Simple Dress Made Fancy

This dress is a simple pattern*. One introduced to me by Valerie. One I've made countless dresses out of and one I've used to teach many friends how to sew. It's an easy sew with only 5 pieces to put together, but it teaches some good skills like how to gather and make a casing. It also lends itself to variations. Here is one of those variations:
I added the ribbons as ties, the brocade (I think that's what it is called) across the bodice and down the middle of the bodice, put 7 rows of pin tucking along the bottom bordered by velvet ribbon.
Instead of putting elastic in the sleeves, as the pattern suggests, I left them as is and just gathered them in at one spot which is secured with a little button.
I also tried the lined hem taught at Oliver & S. I really like the finished look of this and will definitely use this more in the future.
Here is what Clara did while I sewed. There's nothing like playing under a table.
*(This dress pattern is out of print. It's a McCall's pattern #3417.)


  1. I love this pattern!! I never thought to do much to it, I love your idea.

  2. that is a good pattern, isn't it?
    (counting up):
    1 pair of Christmas dresses
    3 pairs of Easter dresses...




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