Monday, March 28, 2011

The Journey of a Butterfly

Some very dear friends of ours finally got their little girl. She came a little earlier than planned, which was probably a nice surprise after waiting 8 years. A couple of months ago, the now new mom asked a bunch of us, her friends, to add something to a gift basket for the birth mom. I thought I had a little more time so I didn't get it to her time, but it's on its way now. When she told me the story of how they were picked as parents and the story of the birth mom, all I could think of was the journey that a caterpillar makes to become a butterfly. I thought it was a good metaphor for the process of adoption, especially for this lucky little girl. I wanted to somehow incorporate it into my gift. My original idea was to make a shirt for the birth mom with a this picture on it, but once I sketched it out, it kind of looked like an Eric Carle book, so I went a different route. I liked the picture though, so I sent this along.

Since I already had the shirt, I went with something that kind of symbolizes what the picture shows. From another shirt I cut a long thin strip, gathered it and attached it as a ruffle, but it represents the caterpillar. Up in the corner is a little gathered flower along with a braided flower thing that is supposed to represent the cocoon. This birth mom has put a lot into providing this little girl a good start to her life here on earth, just like the caterpillar makes its way from plant to plant, nourishing itself and then building a safe place for the butterfly to grow.
Then there is the butterfly, the little girl she has given wings to, so that she can fly. The butterfly I put on the onesie using the freezer paper stenciling method.
Finally, I personalized onesie for the new babe.

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