Monday, April 25, 2011

To Build a Quick Frame

I've had this up for a while, but just saw the wall art in a random picture the kids took. See that red and white tapestry looking thing in the corner? It's really supposed to be a table cloth. Phil brought back from Ghana 4 years ago where he was working at a Baptist hospital in the middle of nowhere. The care taker of the house also dyed fabric and made things from them on the side. Phil had her make a dress for Sophia and I and some clothes for the boys. He also had her make a table cloth. The problem is I hate using it for a table cloth because it gets dirty too easily and then I have to wash it and the dye isn't set very well so it bleeds in the water and gets less vibrant. Solution...make it wall art. I went to Home Depot to pick up some 2x2s and one of the people walking around asked what I was going to do with them (I think I had that clueless look on my face). I told him I was going to make a simple frame too staple some fabric to, to make it into wall art. He steered me to these pre-cut 2x2s that have the 45 degree angle cut into them already, making them perfect for a frame. It was actually really handy. I just put a little wood glue on the angled joint, stapled them together and when they were dry I stretched over the fabric and stapled that on making sure to protect the fabric with some white flannel first. I really like how it looks hanging up and depending which way you hang it, according to Sophia, you have either waves or mountains.

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