Thursday, July 7, 2011

What I did instead of packing

Here's what I was doing the week before our move, when I should have been packing and organizing and that I am now consequently blogging about and ignoring the unpacking that needs to be done. The Scouts in the ward were having a silent auction fundraiser for camp and since Jakob was going to not be there to help out with the fundraiser (he is going to camp with our Atlanta ward though), I decided to donate some items. All were made from my stash and I didn't need to buy anything except for the ribbon on the skirts. A modified version of this dress, with a little pin on flower with a vintage button accent and pin tucking on the underskirt.

A baby quilt in pinks, yellows, aquas and black and whites. I ended up really liking this color combination. The fabric was originally purchased (more or less, some was from my stash) for a bird mobile of a friend who was having her third baby girl. Sadly I don't have any pictures of the mobile. I liked how the quilt turned out. I just randomly pieced it and machine quilted it.

This is the first time that I pieced the back. Cynthia does it all of the time and always loved the way it looked. I think this one turned out rather well too. I like how the quilting design is easy to see in this shot.

Finally, a lazy day skirt and matching headband. I think this one was my favorite. It's a fun print and I love polka dots.

Hopefully, they all went to good homes and made a little money for the Scouts that needed it in the process.

I also made 2 more lazy day skirts, one for a friend of Sophia's who turned 9 and a matching one for Sophia.

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  1. fun! love the quilt and stitch pattern. well done. pieced backings take a bit longer but they can add a lot of character.

    The dress and skirt are of course marvelously done!



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