Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Something a Little Practical

 My husband has had to wear a tie to work everyday (except for 2 glorious years where he had to wear a uniform...those were the good times, with not as much laundry and the USPHS took care of the uniform stuff).  Most of the ties fall under the cheap, but nice looking category.  That means they tend to fall apart easily.  I went through his tie collection yesterday, when I was planning on fixing my son's tie.  I figured he had some that he wasn't wearing because they needed fixing in some way.  He had 8!  So I watched some Olympics and set to work fixing those ties, plus 3 ties from my two sons.
 Some needed the seams sewn back together.  Most were missing the little do-hicky to tuck the skinny part of the tie into (Do those things have a name?).  To make a new one I took some grosgrain ribbon, put fray check on the ends, tucked them under and tacked them on by hand.  Pretty simple.
 Here's some more finished ones.  All said and done it was pretty easy and now my husband has 8 more ties to chose from.

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