Friday, February 22, 2013

Quiet and Calm--This Week's Crafting

My crafting this week consisted of coming up with a costume for my 6th grader to make him look like Constantine.  Here's what we came up with:
circlet made from gold floral wire with a thin strip of felt whip stitched over the part where I twisted the two ends together.  Then we spray painted random fake leaves gold and hot glued them on(the felt served to cover the ends of the wire and to have a place to glue the leaves to).  The white drapey thing that went over one shoulder and pinned on the other is just 2 yards of white knit I have on hand for another project.  The gold brooch is 9 strands of the gold floral wire braided together and then twisted in a circle.  Then we spray painted it and glued it onto a white piece of felt that had a safety pin attached to it.
I didn't get a picture of him wearing it though.  He did look kind of spiffy.  Here's a bust of Constantine...not much to go on.
 I've also been working on this project.  I was working on this last year and only got to May, so maybe I'll get the rest done this year and get the sashes on the side sewn on.
(pattern by Sarah Jane)
Every time Project Run and Play wraps up, I take a break from sewing for a week or two.  But I'll be pulling out my sewing machine next week for some fun things to come.

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