Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sowing While You Sew--Week 5

Daisy Chain Creations

Round Bean Bags/Hand Warmers
Here are some printable instructions for Sewing While You Sew--Week 5
1. Learn to sew on curves or rounded lines.
2. Learn how to snip into a seam and trim it.
3. Learn how to turn something right side out.
4. Learn how to slip stitch an opening closed.

-Enough fabric for the desired circles--depends on size.
-Needle for slip stitching opening closed.
-Enough filler for size of bag made--could be beans, rice, wheat, corn or flax seeds.
-Funnel for filling bag

Here's the how to:
1. Trace a circle on to your fabric.  I like to use flannel, because it's soft.

2. Cut out the circle 1/2 inch from traced line.
3. Sew around the circle, leaving an opening.  If you stitch from the edge to your stitching line, it makes it easier to turn. (A nice trick I learned from Oliver & s patterns)
 4. Snip little triangles into the sewn seam, making sure to not snip the seam.  Trim seam allowance. 
 5. Turn bag. 
6. Fill bag with desired filler.
Here are some good choices.
 7. Thread needle.  If you double the thread and then thread both ends into the eye, you will have a loop at the end which means you won't have to knot the thread.
 When you make the first stitch, don't pull the thread (loop at the end) all the way through. Make sure you catch it by going through the loop with the needle, thus securing the thread. 
 8. Slip stitch the opening closed.
 When you get to the end and tie it off, bring the needle through a little ways into the bag.  This will keep your thread tails hidden.
 These make great gifts.  If intended for bean bags, you could make a game out of them by having different colors or targets to hit.  If they are going to be hand warmers, you can make them different sizes.  Little ones like these are perfect for slipping into pockets or perfect for little ears that ache.  Bigger ones make nice foot warmers on cold nights.  You can just stick them in the microwave for a minute and you have a toasty warmer.
(Oops, I didn't take a picture of the complete one.  I'll have to fix that.)

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