Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sowing While You Sew--Week 4

Daisy Chain Creations

Pillow Case
Here is a printable copy of the sewing instructions: Sowing While You Sew Week 4

1. Practice sewing a straight line.
2. Become familiar with sewing with different types of fabric.
3. Practice sewing multiple layers together by pinning and then removing the pins while sewing.
4. Realize that sewing is something that can benefit others by making something to give to a charity.
(For the sizes, I just measured a pillow case that we had and fit our pillows—you might need to adjust if you have bigger than a standard pillow)
-25”x 40” piece of fabric for the main part of the pillow case
-12”x 40” piece of second fabric for cuff
-2”x 40” piece of fabric for the trim in between the two layers—if desired
Here's the how to:
1.  Pin the two pieces together with right sides together on the 40” side.  Sew and press seam towards cuff side. (If you desire to put in a contrasting trim, now is the time.  Place it in between the two layers.)
2. Fold in half long ways with right sides together and pin the bottom and side.  Sew and finish seams all the way up to the edge of the cuff.
3. Fold and press 1” at the top of the cuff towards the right side.
4. Working from the inside, fold the cuff in half so that the ironed under edge covers the stitching. Baste in place.
6. Turn the pillow case right side out. Stitch the cuff in place.  
7. Iron the final seam and trim threads.
And here is the finished ones, one to keep and one to give

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