Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Outdoor Creations

 It's that time of year when my creating starts to take place outdoors.  Well I actually can't take credit for the creating part...I just tend the creations.
This year we are expanding and adding to our garden.  I also started things indoors for the first time.  Usually, I just plant and hope for the best.  I also managed to get all of the early crops in on time this year.  My husband was happy, because his favorites are the peas and you have to get them in rather early here in the South.  Who knew you had to think about planting in February and actually get it done at the beginning of March?
 Growing up we always had a garden...a HUGE garden on an acre.  Then we lived off of what we grew and then subsequently canned.  While I don't have plans that are quite that big, it is nice to feel a little self sufficient and capable.
So while I'll be sewing a little bit over the next couple of months, I'll also be tending these outdoor creations.

1 comment:

  1. i have always wanted to do some early planting like you have done here but it never seems to happen. I love the shot with all your sprouts!! There is nothing better than fresh veggies out of your garden!!



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