Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PR&P--It's In the Details

It really is 'all in the details'.  You can take a simple fabric and make it something special, just by adding some little details.  That's what it is all about over at Project Run and Play this week. I mentioned how I felt about details when I made my velvet knock off dress and you can check out that post.  But today, I thought I'd resurrect some of my favorites with my "go-to" details of pin tucking and embroidery.
First up, the Sound of Music dress. When Sophia was 3-4, she was obsessed with The Sound of Music and even called herself Gretel. She requested a white dress with blue satin sash and I obliged.  This is a simple white muslin dress. On the sleeves I added 3 little blue embroidered flowers.
 Then around the hem I added 6 rows of pin tucking in groups of 3 which crisscrossed in the front and on the sides.  That's it. Two very simple things, but both my girls have always gotten compliments on the dress.  Yes, Clara went through a Sound of Music phase as well.  She even would sit down on any staircase and sing the So Long Farewell part of Gretel.
 This was is from even further back. It is the dress I made for Clara's blessing (kind of like a christening in our church, done when they are infants). 
 On the bodice I just alternated rows of pin tucking to get a grid pattern. Again, very simple but makes a nice visual impact.
On the bottom I added left over lace from my wedding dress.
 On the collar I again added 3 little white embroidered flowers with a little pearl bead in the middle. 
That's it.  Simple details can make a big impact. 
Maybe I'll get the shirt done that I had thought of and have the fabric for, once I get the alterations done.  We'll see if I get it done in time.


  1. all of the clothes you make have beautiful details Sally! So fun to see your early sewing; both dresses are beautiful!!

  2. Hello Sally, these details are beautiful, and I love how you used the lace from your wedding dress:-) Thanks for dropping by to,comment on my raincoat!



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