Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another Bag And Name This Flower

Another bag...this time for an auction for my husband's place of work.  They have to "raise" money to send their trainees to things like the big meeting for infectious disease. It's kind of a running joke, because they don't bring in the big bucks for the hospital (there aren't many procedures when it comes to infectious usually just prescribe medicine and if that doesn't work, you prescribe another kind of medicine). While other fellows have offices, infectious disease fellows have a cubical, if their get the idea? 
Well the fellows are asked to contribute something for the auction and being the helpful spouse that I am, I end up doing the work.  Last year, I didn't know my "customers" very well, so my offering of a custom made dress for a little girl didn't go over very well. The baked goods sold for double the price, just to give you an idea. The reason being, there were only 2 or 3 people there that had kids. This year I thought it through a little more and figured a bag would go over better. I'll let you know what the going price was for it.
(My husband laughed at my color choice. I was going for trendy, but a little neutral so that it would appeal to a broader range of people. Unintentionally, I picked the school colors for the university my husband works for. He thought I had done it on purpose. I'm wondering now if anyone else will pick up on it.)
 I am making some pies again this year and my 10 year old daughter was helping me. As I was tucking under the top crust and then crimping it she asked me why I had to tuck it under first. I said to seal it to keep the juices in. She said "Like at the bottom of the skirt or dress with the hem. You do that to keep it from fraying." I thought it clever how she came up with a sewing analogy...she's speaking my language.
Now on to the flowers, can anyone name these?  The pictures were taken on our latest excursion out west.  The top one was on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT and the bottom one was in the butterfly house of the St. Louis Zoo. They are both new to me flowers, so I'm just a little curious as to what they are called.


  1. Awesome sewing! Top flowers are fox gloves. I've seen the other but can't think of the name.

  2. Your husband would have found the 9 yr old at our house interesting last year when he was hospitalized with what was eventually called a " Fever of Unknown Origin" (ie. we don't know why he got sick, but he seems better now—which, for the most part, he is).

    Love the bag, especially the fabric. And I second Cynthia, it is Foxglove, and FYI, it is poisonous.

  3. Hi there, the bottom flower looks like a Pohutukawa Flower, a native of New Zealand.



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