Friday, August 16, 2013

Finding Use for a Sari

A couple of years ago, my husband had the chance to travel a lot for his job. One of the places he went a few times was India, to the region that is known for it's silk, so I asked him to bring me home some silk...that I could then make into something. Instead he brought home this beautiful, hand woven, silk sari.  While there are some great youtube tutorials on how to wear a sari and I figured that out...there just aren't that many places for me to wear it to. Not wanting a beautiful piece of fabric to just sit there and not wanting to cut it up, I decided to go this route. I used a small curtain rod attached to the ceiling and some curtain pull back things to hold it back. Once I paint the stand and bookshelf and get white bedding with maroon and orange accents of some sort, I think I'll have a complete look.
 I made the headboard myself too. I think I read about 25 different tutorials on how to make one, so I can't point you to just one. But it was pretty easy to make and always fun to use some power tools.  The silk at the end of our bed is from India too. It's hand embroidered and just amazing.


  1. Love it! I've been wanting to somehow display my sari I got while on a mission trip in India and I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing! One question: How did you attach the curtain rod to the ceiling?



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