Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some Things I've Been Up To

My husband got a cover for his Mac Book...lab issued computer, oh how I wish it were mine. Just some soft corduroy on the inside and soft wool on the outside closed with a button tab. Nothing too fancy or complicated. I really don't sew for him much so this was kind of fun. I really wanted to do the outside out of leather and even priced some leather jackets at Goodwill, but couldn't justify the $30.
 And those would be the dining room chairs that I am in the process of recovering. I'll have some before and after pictures of the whole process, but lets just say they were ugly. I waited and waited until I was able to use a 20% off on your total purchase coupon on home dec fabric that was 50% at JoAnn's. You see I wanted to use the Crypton fabric, which is kind of pricey (it also doesn't come in a huge selection of patterns or colors), but it should be worth it when it comes to durability. Do you know what the hardest part of the recovering process is? Taking out the rusty staples...and there are 2 sets of them. The chairs have 2 different fabrics on them and it seriously takes 2 hours to get all of them out.
And if you are interested, go check out the outfit that Sophia designed and I made for a tween look for the Project Run and Play Candy Inspired week.

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